Adopted Children Welcomed into New Homes in Duval County

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Judge Michael Kalil started his legal career as an associate public defender at the Office of the Public Defender before joining his father at the Law Offices of John Kalil, P.A., as a civil trial attorney. Michael Kalil later was elected and became a circuit judge in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit. Judge Kalil is also involved in adoption proceedings at the Duval County Courthouse.

On October 29, 2021, a ceremony was held at the Duval County Courthouse in which 11 families adopted 15 children. Some of the adoptive families had loved and cared for the children since they were born. Some of the parents brought their extended families and biological children to welcome their new family members.

“We have wonderful families adopting these kids, giving them the love, stability they so desperately need,” Judge Michael Kalil said. As of October 2021, Duval and Nassau counties had approximately 2,000 children in care. More than 12 percent of the children were in foster homes.




Stetson College of Law Graduate Michael Kalil

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Michael Kalil

Michael Kalil

Stetson College of Law Graduate Michael Kalil

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